2014 FIFA World Cup Day 11 – USA v Portugal

2014 FIFA World Cup Day 11 - USA v Portugal

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: the United States plays Portugal on Matchday 11 of the 2014 World Cup. The Americans can book their ticket to the knock-out stage with a win.

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ALL Strikers’ Names (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil)

Strikers names - FIFA World Cup in Brazil June-July

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: ALL strikers’ names with the squad numbers, team and the club for which the player last played a competitive match prior to the tournament. Continue reading →

Footballers Names (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil)

Footballers Names (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament starts in Sao Paulo on Thursday, 12 June and finishes in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July.

There are 32 national teams involved in the tournament, each team has a squad of 23 players, three of whom must be goalkeepers.

Here, the final names and the lists of 23 players per national team which were submitted to FIFA by 2 June 2014. Continue reading →

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Just Love It! Arsenal Win FA Cup 2013-14

FA Cup Final ScoreI just love to hear the news today. The wait is over, and Arsenal FC have seen off Hull City in a thrilling FA Cup final on Saturday, May 17, 2018, ending a trophy drought that lasted nine years.

Hull City flew into a two-goal lead in the early stages at Wembley Stadium via James Chester (4′) and Curtis Davies (8′).

But Arsenal clawed their way back into the game, starti with a superb free-kick goal from Santi Cazorla (17′), follow with equalized goal by Laurent Koscielny (71′), and finally finding a winner through Aaron Ramsey in extra-time.

Well congratulation Arsenal!!!

Top 11 Things to Do for Mothers Day Today

Happy Mother's Day - Sunday May 11 2014

The origin celebration of Mother’s Day was began in the era of ancient Greek and Romans, but it can also be traced in UK. While in the US, Anna Jarvis is known as the founder.

Mother’s Day is a national celebration in the US since proclaimed by Woodrow Wilson about hundred years ago. Today, it can be a great opportunity to show that special moms who nurtured us that we care.

Eleven things we can do to show our appreciation and make the day extra special for moms. Continue reading →

LIST of Nominees for the 68th Annual Tony Awards 2014

Tony Awards 2014

CHECK out the list of nominees for the 68th annual Tony Awards, the best of this year’s Broadway season, which were revealed on Tuesday April 29, 2018. The awards ceremony will be held in New York City in June 8 and broadcast live on CBS television. Continue reading →

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Short Names that Mean Beautiful (2 – 5 Letters)

Of the 50k baby names in our database, the following ones have 2, 3, 4, or 5 letters. All of them have meaning related to "beautiful, pretty, or attractive".

Here are some ideas for those looking for nice, short, sharp baby girl names.

1. ABILA (Arabic name), means "to be beautiful"
2. ADAH (Hebrew) – beautiful; ornament
3. ADARA (Greek) – beautiful
4. ADIN (Hebrew) – beautiful; adorned
5. AFET (Turkish) – catastrophically beautiful
6. AHO (Turkish) – bright and beautiful
7. AHU (Turkish) – beautiful eyes
8. AILLE (Celtic name) that mean beauty
9. AKILA (African) – most beautiful
10. ALANA (Irish) – beautiful; dear child
11. ALINA (Polish, Russian; Irish) – beautiful
12. ALLYN (Irish) – beautiful
13. AMARA (Arabic) – eternal beauty
14. ANI (Slavic) – very beautiful
15. ANIKA (Arabic) – pretty; elegant
16. ANILA (Arabic) – beautiful
17. ANIQA (Arabic) – pretty; elegant
18. ANJA (Arabic) – beauty
19. APANE (Hawaiian) – beautiful red bird
20. ARETA, ARETE (Greek) – beauty; virtuous; excellent

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500 Strong, Powerful, Sturdy Names for Baby Boys

We mean it, here are five hundred names for baby boys that mean "strong, powerful, and sturdy".

You may also like to check out the list of 500 names that mean beautiful for girl here.

Page #1: Strong Names for Boys starting with "A"

1. AARNE (Finnish) – powerful eagle
2. ADALFUNS (Gothic) – all-powerful; ruler of all
3. ADALRICO (German) – noble; powerful and rich
4. ADALRICUS (German) – all-powerful; ruler of all
5. ADELRIC (Teutonic) – noble commander
6. ADOSINDO (German) – great; powerful; hasty; excellent
7. AENGUS (Celtic) – exceptionally strong
8. AERIC (Modern English) – ever powerful ruler
9. AIKEN (Anglo) – sturdy; oaken
10. AJAX (Greek) – strong warrior Continue reading →

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Five Hundreds Beautiful Baby Girl Names

Five hundreds, 500 beautiful baby girl names

Five hundreds baby girl names with meaning related to "beautiful", starting with letter “A”:

1. ABILA (Arabic) – to be beautiful
2. ADABEL (Teutonic) – lovely or happy
3. ADAMMA (African) – beautiful girl
4. ADARA (Greek) – beautiful
5. ADDIEN, Addiena (Welsh) – beautiful
6. ADHELLE (Teutonic) – lovely or happy
7. ADIN (Hebrew) – beautiful; adorned
8. ADONIA (Greek, Spanish) – beautiful lady
9. ADORABELLA, Aderabelle (Latin) – adored beauty
10. AHO (Turkish) – bright and beautiful
11. AHU (Turkish) – beautiful eyes
12. AILLE (Celtic) – beauty
13. AJLAL (Arabian) – beautiful; stubborn young princess
14. AKILA (African) – most beautiful
15. AKLIMA (Arabic) – beautiful
16. ALAINE, Alana (Irish) – beautiful
17. ALANNA (Irish, Slavic) – beautiful; dear child
18. ALAYNA (French) – beautiful
19. ALAYNE (Irish) – beautiful; dear child
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Part #2 – Beautiful Baby Girl Names

Beautiful signPage #2 – Five hundreds baby girl names with their meaning related to "beautiful", starting with letter C:

101. CLARINDA (Spanish), means beautiful
102. CRISTABELL (Spanish) – beautiful christian
103. DAGNA (Teutonic) – as beautiful as the day
104. DARSHANA (Teutonic) – beauty
105. DELARAM (Persian) – lovely woman
106. DEOLINDA (Portuguese) – beautiful God
107. DOREEN (Greek) – beautiful
108. DORINDA (Greek) – beautiful gift
109. DUBHEASA (Irish) – dark beauty
110. DUVESSA (Irish) – dark beauty

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