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Cool Frozen-themed Halloween Custumes for Ladies

Halloween Costumes for girls 2014
Sexy Frozen Halloween Costumes, credit:

Halloween is coming soon, it’s a holiday yearly celebrated on October 31 which is due on Friday this year, and would be on Saturday, next year 2015.

Some people hold Halloween parties on or around this date. The celebrations in the United Kingdom, Australia, or the US include parties where guests are often dress up as pirates, skeletons, ghosts or other scary figures.

Thinking of new custumes for the Halloween this year? Well, those above Frozen-themed outfits could be seen great for you all ladies, whose desire to stand out at a party.

You can buy the Halloween outfits above on, a website known for selling sexy versions of pop culture characters.

So, what are your thoughts on the sexy Frozen costumes?

200 Boy Names that Mean "Fearless and Brave"

List of baby boy names that mean fearless and brave

These are 200 baby boy names that mean "fearless and brave", included German, French, Egyptian, Indian, Hindu, Modern English, Arabic, Slavic, Native American and more.

ABHAYA (Indian) meaning has no fear
ABHEEK (Hindu) : fearless
ADALARD / Adalhard (German) : brave
ADELARD (Teutonic) : brave noble
AHNDRAY (French) : variant of Andre: masculine, manly, brave
AKINLANA (African Nigerian) : brave
AKINS (Egyptian) : brave
ALEXARD (Modern) : powerful, brave, protector of mankind
ALLAN / Allen (Anglo) : cheerful, sentimental, brave, spirited, adventure and danger
ALLARD (English), that means noble and brave Continue reading →

1,200 Good Baby Girl Names for Muslim

1200 Good Baby Girl Names for Muslim — Here the list of 1,200 baby girl names for Muslim. You may find out the ones for boys here.

1. AALIA, a girl name that means "exhalted or noble."
2. AALIMAH : scholar, authority
3. AALIYAH : tall, towering
4. AAMINAH : secured, safe
5. AAMIRA : imperial, abundant, inhabited
6. AANISAH : young lady, maiden
7. AAQILAH : intelligent
8. AASIMAH : protector, defendant, central
9. AATIFA : affection, sympathy
10. AATIKAH : generous
11. ABEEDAH : worshipper
12. ABIA : great
13. ADEELA : equal
14. ADEENA : pious, good luck
15. ADILA : justice

Check out for the rest bellow: Continue reading →

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1000 Muslim Boys Names and Their Meaning — List of 1.000 Muslim boys names and their meanings.

1. Aamir (عامر) : civilised
2. Aarif (عارف) : knowing, aware
3. Aasim (عاصم) : person who keeps away from sins
4. Aayan (أعيان) : god’s gift
5. Abaan (أبان) : old arabic name
6. Abbas (عباس) : gloomy look
7. Abid (عابد) : worshipper
8. Abrar (أبرار) : piety
9. Abrash (الأبرش) : spotted, speckled
10. Abul Hassan (أبوالحسن) : the son of Ali Continue reading →

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U20 Women’s World Cup 2014 Final: Nigeria (0-1) Germany

U20 Women World Cup 2014 Final: Nigeria v Germany

Result: Nigeria (0-1) Germany, goal scorer: Lena Petermann 98′.

Third place, France (3-2) North Korea.


The final of the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada will be between Nigeria and Germany. This match is a repeat of the 2010 final which Germany won 2–0, so the Nigerians girls will have one thing in mind-revenge.

Germany is playing for its third title, and Nigeria would be the first African team to win the title. The game kicks off at midnight UK time, which is on Sunday, 24th August 7p.m local time. Continue reading →

Top 100 Most Popular Dog Names

Top 100 Most Popular Dog Names

WHETHER you’re looking for a name for your dog or are just browsing, here’s a list of the most popular dog names on

1. ABBY : God is Joy (English)
2. AMMO : Short for ammunition
3. ANGEL : Angelic; messenger of God (Greek)
4. ANNIE : Gracious (English)
5. ARDEEN : Little height
6. BAILEY : Steward; in charge (English/French)
7. BAMBI : Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua
8. BAXTER : Baker (English)
9. BAYLOR : Selena Gomez’s Husky mix
10. BEAR : Strong; brave (English/German) Continue reading →

Messi not in FIFA Best XI of the World Cup Brazil 2014 — Names of players for FIFA Best XI of the World Cup Brazil 2014, which is not included Lionel Messi, the Golden Ball winner.

  • Toni Kroos, Germany (9.79)
  • Arjen Robben, Netherlands (9.74)
  • Stefan de Vrij, Netherlands (9.7)
  • Mats Hummels, Germany (9.66) Continue reading →

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – Golden Ball Nominees

FIFA announced the shortlist of 10 nominees for the Golden Ball award at the 2014 World Cup on Friday, along with the three candidates for the respective Golden Glove and Young Player awards.

Seven of them for the best player at tournament come from the finalists, Germany and Argentina.

The winner will be announced shortly after Sunday’s final match.

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LIST of Nominees for the 66th Emmy Awards 2014

LIST of Nominees for the 66th Emmy Awards 2014

Find out the list of nominees for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards 2014, was announced on Thursday from the Television Academy’s headquarters in North Hollywood, California, USA.

The winners for the awards will be known on Monday, August 25, and live on NBC. Continue reading →

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Argentina Defeats Netherlands on Penalties (0-0; 4-2)

Argentina Defeats Netherlands on Penalties, anda advances to Final, with a 4-2 shootout win. La Albiceleste will meet Germany on July 13, 2018.

Prediction Netherlands v Argentina (Semifinal WC 2014) — Possible lineup Netherlands v Argentina in the semifinal 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

This semifinal will be the best chance for the Argentinians to beat Netherland and claim the world cup after 28 years since their last win in 1986. Can they make it through? Continue reading →