200 Boy Names that Mean "Fearless and Brave"

List of baby boy names that mean fearless and brave

These are 200 baby boy names that mean "fearless and brave", included German, French, Egyptian, Indian, Hindu, Modern English, Arabic, Slavic, Native American and more.

ABHAYA (Indian) meaning has no fear
ABHEEK (Hindu) : fearless
ADALARD / Adalhard (German) : brave
ADELARD (Teutonic) : brave noble
AHNDRAY (French) : variant of Andre: masculine, manly, brave
(African Nigerian) : brave
AKINS (Egyptian) : brave
ALEXARD (Modern) : powerful, brave, protector of mankind
ALLAN / Allen (Anglo) : cheerful, sentimental, brave, spirited, adventure and danger
ALLARD (English), that means noble and brave

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AMAAN (Arabic name) : variant of Aman, protection, without fear
AMEN (Arabic) : protection, without fear
ANDRICH / Andrick (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler
ANDRIK (Slavic) : manly, brave, Variant of English Andrew
ARCHIBALD (Scottish) : bold, brave
ARI (Armenian) : brave
AT√ćLIO (Portuguese) : brave friend
ATREUS (Greek) : fearless
AVERETT (Modern) : brave counselor
AYHAM (Arabic) : exalted and brave

Boy names that start with the letter B:

BAHAADUR (Arabic) : variant of Bahadur, brave, bold
BAHADUR (Arabic) : brave, bold
BALD (German) : brave
BALDASARRE (Italian) : brave one
BALDOMERO (Spanish) : brave friend
BALDOVINO (Italian) : brave friend
BALDRIC (Old English) : bold, powerful, brave ruler
BALDWIN (Old English) : brave friend
BALENDIN (Basque) : strong, brave
BARNEA / Barney / Barnie (English) : brave as a bear
BASEL, Basil (Arabic) : fearless, brave
BATAL (Arabic) : brave, champion, hero
BAUDOUIN (French) : brave friend
BERNARD (popular Old English name) : brave as a bear
BERNARDINO / Bernardo (Italian) : brave as a bear
BERND / Bernhard (German) : brave as a bear
BERNEY (Modern English) : brave as a bear
BERNIE (Teutonic) : brave as a bear
BERNITA (German) : brave as a bear, bringer of victory, brave
BERNT (Scandinavian) : brave as a bear
BERNY (Teutonic) : brave as a bear
BOUDEWIJN (Dutch) : brave friend
BRADRICK (Modern) : broad, powerful, brave ruler
BRAYAN (German) : brave
BRAZIL (Celtic/Irish) : brave, strong in conflict
BRENDON (Gaelic) : brave
BURKHARD (German) : brave protector

Boy names that start with the letter C, D, and E:

CENHELM (Old English) : brave helmet
COEN / Conrad (German) : brave
CYNEBEAL (Anglo) : royal brave
DALAIR (Arabic) : brave, valiant
DEVLIN (Gaelic) : brave
DHAIRYAVANTH (Hindu) : brave person
DICIE / Dick / Dickey / Dickie / Dicky / Dixon (English) : powerful, brave ruler
DILAWAR (Arabic) : brave, valient
DONNELLY (Celtic) : a brave black man
DUSTIN (common German name) : brave fighter (in old English – dusty place)
EBERHARD (German) : brave boar
EILERT (Frisian) : brave swordsman
ELLARD (German) : nobly brave
ENAPAY (Native American) : brave
ENOCH (Hebrew) : dedicated, fearless, just, solitary
ERDMANN (German) : brave man
ERDMUT / Erdmuth (German) : brave / strong-spirited
ERHARD (German) : honorable, brave
EVAN (Celtic) : young warrior, brave, reliable, possesses great charm of manner
EVERARD (Old English) : brave boar
EVERARD (Teutonic) : firm wild-boar, fearless
EVERARDO (Spanish) : brave boar
EVERET / Everett / Everitt (English) : brave boar
EVERHART (Dutch) : brave boar
EVERNON / Verrett (Modern English) : brave boar near alder tree

Boy names that start with the letter F and G:

FADEYUSHKA (Ukrainian) : brave
FAVIAN (Latin) : brave man
FERDA (Czech) : brave
GAIROVALD (German) : gift of bravery / strength
GALLAGHER (Irish) : spear brave
GARALD (Russian) : spear brave (Garold, Gerald)
GARET / Garret / Garreth (English) : spear, brave
GARRETT (Irish) : spear brave
GARRICK (Old English) : powerful, brave spear
GARRILO (Modern) : brave soldier
GARROTT (Modern English) : spear, brave
GAYLORD (French) : brave strength
GEBBERT (German) : brave gift
GED (English/Irish) : spear brave
GEERAARD / Geerd (Dutch) : spear brave
GEERT (Dutch) : spear, brave
GELLERT (Hungarian) : spear, brave
GERARD (Dutch/French/German) : spear, brave
GERARDO (Italian/Spanish) : spear, brave
GERD / Gerfried / Gerhard / Gerhardt (German) : spear brave
GEREK (Polish) : brave
GERHART / Gerhold / Gerlach (German) : spear brave
GERRARD / Gerret / Gerrett (English) : spear brave
GERRIT (Dutch) : spear, brave
GERRITT (Modern English) : spear, brave
GERT (German) : spear, brave
GIFFARD (Old English) : gift, brave
GODDARD (Old English) : God’s bravery
GODEHARD (Old English) : brave God
GUNNER (German) : brave soldier

Boy names that start with the letter H:

HAMHAM (Arabic) : brave and noble
HARICK (Modern) : powerful, brave army ruler
HARRETT (Modern) : spear, brave
HARTMUT (German) : brave mind
HARTWIG (German) : brave in battle
HARTWIN (German) : brave friend
HENRICK (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler of the home
HOWARD / Howie (Old English) : brave heart, mind
HUDD (Old English) : powerful, brave ruler
HUMAM (Arabic) : courageous and generous, brave, hero, noble

Boy names that start with the letter J:

JABARI (African) : fearless, brave
JAGBIR (Others) : brave man
JAPHERETT (Modern) : expanding, brave boar
JARRAR (Arabic) : brave, tremendous
JARRET / Jarrett (English) : spear, brave
JASER (Swahili) : fearless
JASSUR (Arabic) : very brave
JERARD / Jerrard (English) : spear, brave

Boy names that start with the letter K and L:

KEKOA / Kekou (Hawaiian) : the brave one
KENDRICK (Modern English) : handsome, powerful, brave ruler
KENELM (English) : brave helmet
KENRICK (Old English) : handsome, powerful, brave ruler
KIMBEL (English) : royal brave
KITCHI (Native American) : brave
KLAHAN (Thai) : brave
KOEN / Kuno/Kuoni (German) : brave and gallant
LABORC (Hungarian) : brave panther
LEN / Lenard / Lennard (Old English) : lion, brave
LENNY (Old English) : brave lion
LEONARD (French) : brave lion
LESCAR (Modern) : brave deer lover
LEUTRIM (Albanian) : brave

Boy names that start with the letter M, N, and O:

MADOG / Maldwyn (Welsh) : brave friend
MAMOON (Arabic) : secure, fearless
MATO (American) : brave
MAYNARD / Maynard / Maynerd (English) : strong and brave
MEINARD / Meinhard (German) : strong and brave
MINARD (Modern) : clever, brave as a bear
MUTTAQEE (Arabic name) : variant of Muttaqi, god fearing, pious
NEDRICK (Modern) : alert, powerful, brave ruler
NIRBHEET (Hindu) : fearless
NIRUT (Hindu) : god fearing
OHITEKAH (American) : brave
OHITEKAH (Native American name) : brave

Boy names that start with the letter P and Q:

PARAKRAM (Hindu) : bravery, prowess
PAURUSH (Hindu) : bravery
PEDRETT (Modern) : strong, brave
PHRIXOS (Greek) : the shivering of skin from fear
PIERRICK (Breton) : rock, powerful, brave ruler
PREWITT (Old French) : brave one
QANIT (Arabic) : obedient, submissive, humble, god-fearing

Boy names that start with the letter R:

RAYNARD (German) : brave one; mighty army
REINHARD (German) : wise, brave
RENARD (French) : wise, brave
RHISIART (Welsh) : powerful, brave ruler
RIAN (Gaelic / Irish) : powerful and brave
RICANSON (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler’s son
RICARLOS (Modern) : powerful, brave, strong ruler
RICH√ĀRD (Hungarian top baby boy name) : powerful and brave
RICHARLES (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler
RICHWARD (Modern) : powerful, brave, blessed guardian
RICKEY (English) : powerful and brave
RICKLIN (Modern) : free, powerful, brave ruler
RICKOMAS (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler, twin
RICKY (top English name) : powerful and brave
RICO (Italian) : powerful, brave ruler of the home
RIHARD (Slovene) : powerful, brave ruler
RIHARDS (Latvian) : powerful, brave ruler
RIK (Old English) : powerful, brave ruler
RIKARD (Finnish/Hungarian/Scandinavian) : powerful, brave ruler
RIKERT (German) : powerful and brave
RIKHARD / Riku (Finnish) : powerful, brave ruler
RIKI (English) : powerful, brave ruler
RISTEARD (Irish) : powerful, brave ruler
RITCHIE / Ritch’rd (English) : powerful, brave ruler
RODRICK (Modern) : famous, powerful, brave ruler
RUADHAN (Gaelic) : powerful and brave
RUISEART (Gaelic) : brave ruler; a form of Richard (brave ruler)
RUISEART (Scottish) : powerful and brave
RYSZARD (Polish) : powerful, brave ruler

Boy names that start with the letter S and T:

SEDRICK (Modern) : forest voices, powerful, brave ruler
SHAJEE (Arabic) : brave, courageous
SHANERICK (Modern) : gracious, powerful, brave ruler
SIEGHARD (German) : brave, victorious
STANARD (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler on stone meadow
STEPHEN (popular Greek name) : crown, refined, amiable, fearless
SWEENEY (Gaelic) : brave, young one
TAQI (Arabic) : godfearing, devout, pious
TAQQEE (Arabic) : variant of taqqi, god-fearing, pious
TAQQI (Arabic) : god-fearing, pious
TEDRICK (Old English) : god’s gift, powerful, brave, ruler
TEKESHI (Japanese) : strong, formidable, and brave
TERRICK (Modern) : powerful, brave harvester
THEOBALD / Tibby (Old English) : god’s brave one
TRAE (Modern English) : brave
TRAVON / Trayvon (German) : brave one
TYBALT (Old English) : god’s brave one
TYLEN (Modern) : brave tile maker

Boy names that mean fearless and brave

URHO (Finnish) : brave
URICHARD (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler
VALERII (Russian) : strong,brave (Valera, Valerik)
VERMUNDUR (Icelandic) : war brave
WILHARD (German) : brave desire
WYAT (uncertain origin) : brave and strong
WYLER (Modern) : brave tile maker
XAVERETT (Modern) : brave counselor
XYATT (Modern) : brave in war
YINGJIE (Chinese) : brave and heroic
YONG (Chinese) : brave
ZUFAR (Arabic baby names) that means lion, brave, army
ZYATT (Modern), meaning brave in war


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